Conversation with a Lebanese War Child

M: Hi. What’s happening in beirut?

Y: there was shooting at tariq il jdeedeh. we didn’t hear anything

M: I heard it was a bomb

Y: like a car bomb?

M: I dunno

Y: Wait i’m reading something. People are saying there’s an explosion at verdun

M: can you hear anything from your house?

Y: No. Fuck this shit

M: Do u think it will last?

Y: I don’t know. It could

M: I don’t think it will

Y: It’s directly linked to what’s happening in syria. I think the gulfies are trying to pressure the current government. One thing about war is that drugs would be available for cheap.

M: there you go, glass half full!

Y: probably a good time to start a small investment too. At least it will be safer

M: what will? what are you talking about? drugs will be safer?

Y: The chances to get arrested will be smaller

M: why because they have bigger problems?

Y: yes, and because they will not inspire fear anymore

M: Who, drug dealers or general security? Are you in war mode now? Is that what’s happening?

Y: Security forces will not be scary anymore

M: Won’t they be more scary because there’s a war?

Y: Yes

M: You just said no

Y: So the fighting in tareeq il jdideh between mustaqbal and some party called al tayyar arabi. a pro-syrian ex-mustaqbal guy. Shaker al Birjawi

M: What do you know about him?

Y: Nothing. haven’t hear of him before. I would love some soujouk now

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