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******************************البحث عن السحر****************************


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Conversation with a Lebanese War Child

M: Hi. What’s happening in beirut? Y: there was shooting at tariq il jdeedeh. we didn’t hear anything M: I heard it was a bomb Y: like a car bomb? M: I dunno

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On Mona El Tahawy and ‘Native Informants’

The problem with Tahawy’s article, as others have pointed out, is that she attempts to depoliticize the patriarchy and make it about emotion–hatred–because, you know, Arabs are all ‘hot-blooded’ and whatnot. Such a reductive argument would never be accepted as … Continue reading

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Tigers on the Tenth Day by Zakaria Tamer

The forests had forsaken the tiger, imprisoned in his cage, but he could not forget them. He glared hatefully at the men beyond the bars; their eyes, curious and unafraid, studied him. One of them spoke in a calm, authoritative … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Palestinian Intellectuals to Syrian Regime: Not in Our Name! (English trans)

UPDATE: There are credible reports that many of the supposed signatories to this document never saw it and had no knowledge that their names were being used. I respectfully request that anyone who has republished this translation take appropriate measures … Continue reading

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And to my critics, I say…

I was between projects, on the prowl for cheap (literary) thrills, and a friend of a friend recommended Ihsan Abdel Quddous. I am withholding judgement until I’ve finished the book, but I have to say, based on the author’s forward, … Continue reading

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Book titles taken from subject lines of drunk e-mails to best friend

A Girl Unloved by Men My first thought when I saw the Arabic title of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was pretty negative. “Right,” I thought. “Because all complex female characters are actually just bitter harpies who need to … Continue reading

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